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SXSW Recap

SXSW Recap


March 30th, 2016


After touching down in Austin, TX last year and spending only 10 hours there, I told myself I would be back. A year later I brought the “Crown Royal” movement to Austin for SXSW. As soon as I hit the city I was in event after event, linking with heavyweights like Akon and Too $hort who both told me that the hustle always pays off in the end.

Day in and day out, I spent every minute getting the brand out there, networking with whoever would listen and making my presence felt. Every minute was most definitely worth it.

For those who showed love at the shows and after the shows, to the ones who weren’t familiar with the music and are familiar now, the ones who’ve been supporting since day one and for everybody hatin’ from the sidelines… I do it for you.

I’ll keep chasing the dream and watch everything else fall into place while I do it.


Photos from SXSW 2016:

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