Dedication to excellence: #10000hours

Dedication to excellence: #10000hours


June 12th, 2014


It was in Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers book where he said it takes roughly 10 thousand hours of practice to master a skill. But the hours don’t matter if they aren’t being applied efficiently. In this concept, quality counts just as much as quantity.

Why is that important to Yung Reno?

“10,000 hours shows the dedication that I put into my craft,” he says. “I just don’t hear a beat and write whatever on a paper and go in the studio and do one take. I really want my music to sound flawless. If it means doing 30 takes, so be it. If it means working on a song for months, I’ll do that too. I wake up every day focused on how to be a better artist than the artist I went to sleep as.”

That being said, YR welcomes you to follow his journey through this new intimate setting. Consider this your one-stop-shop for everything yung and reno. From exclusive singles to music videos, webisodes and personal messages…

Watch him work. #10000hours

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